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Education Services

Igniting Unlimited Possibilities for Students!

Los Alamitos Unified School District (LAUSD) students thrive in a caring, respectful, and encouraging environment where they demonstrate academic excellence and develop unique talents in preparation for their future goals (District Mission and Vision). We support student achievement in all of the A's - Academics, Athletics, Activities, and the Arts.  Our District Academic Performance Index (API) is 922, which reflects the expertise and commitment of our talented teachers, our dedicated staff, and our supportive parents and community. 

Our vision is for all students to achieve at grade level or higher by providing the very best instruction, common assessments, and intervention and enrichment programs for all students based on results from benchmark assessments. Because of the our work in developing and improving as a Professional Learning Community, we have replicated our best practices and programs across the District. We also continue to improve options for students by preparing them for post-secondary success. Through ongoing and consistent attention to research and staff development, LAUSD has developed Factors that Influence Student Achievement to ensure that the school community is prepared to help all students achieve at high levels and to reach our goal of 100% proficiency.

Our District Priority Goals are updated annually. The first priority remains Academic Excellence for All Students, which reads as follows:

1. Passionately pursue academic excellence from all students.

1.1  Focus on the implementation of exemplary instruction by enhancing collaboration, rigor, multiple perspectives, professional development, and signature practices.

1.2   Use assessment results to improve instruction, multi-tiered interventions, and enrichments.

1.3   Ensure every student is connected to school through academics, athletics, activities, and the arts.

1.4   Ensure all students have unparalleled preparation for College and Career Success:

  • Every student meets or exceeds grade-level/content standards on state assessments.
  • Every student completes CSU/UC a-g college entrance requirements.
  • Every student completes Algebra II.
  • Every student completes either an Advanced Placement, Career Technical Education and/or a Dual-Enrollment course in high school.
  • Every student takes the PSAT and SAT.
  • Every student develops foundational skills in technology and STEM.

We expect to reach these goals because of our talented and dedicated teachers who continually improve their skills through quality staff development. LAUSD provides training for all teachers in its signature practices/programs, including Depth & Complexity Instruction, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), MIND Institute, Thinking Maps,  Writer's Workshop, Reader's Workshop, Response to Instruction (RTI), Soundabet, the Daily Five, and the Daily Cafe.

Each year, we prioritize our goals in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment (CIA) to ensure we make progress as a professional learning community.  In addition, we are committed to ensuring that every student reaches proficiency or advanced on the California Standards Test in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science (where applicable).  Our Board approved LAUSD Action Statement provides a history of the District's past academic performance, as well as a large-scale map of where we are headed as a learning organization.

We are updating our District benchmark assessments in core subjects, providing time for teachers to meet and discuss the results, and using the data to inform practice. Comparing the results of our third benchmark assessments which are given in April to the California Standards Tests which are given in May, approximately 90% of our students' scores on the CST are equal to or above their scores on the third benchmark. This information tells us that we are teaching and assessing the right standards.

To help develop caring, capable, and confident students, we also provide tremendous support to students through the work of the following programs: Substance Abuse Prevention, Bullying Prevention, Human Relations, Intensive Counseling and Support, and Peer Support and Conflict Mediation.  These programs help prepare all students to achieve at high levels in academics, athletics, activities, and the Arts.

Most importantly, we believe that all students can be proficient, have a sense of urgency to help each and every student, and we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make this belief a reality.

The high aspirations we have for our students are only possible because of the dedication and support of our entire school community.  We welcome your input and suggestions to help improve educational opportunities for all of our students. 

Go Los Al!

Ondrea Reed


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