Threat Assessment Protocol

Responses to Threat-Making Behavior

In order to maintain safe, caring and orderly school environments, the District will be vigilant in dealing with threat-making behavior and will follow a protocol to assess risk. Any threat aimed to harm or injure students or staff, or directed at a campus in general, in any form, will be initially investigated by a school official and then, if necessary, the Threat Assessment Team and/or law enforcement. The Threat Assessment Team is comprised of school officials from multiple disciplines (counselor, school psychologist, administrator, teacher, school resource officer, etc.) collectively trained to evaluate risk. The investigation may include interviewing students who are directly involved in the threat-making incidents to properly measure the level of risk. Parents of students who are directly involved will be notified.

Although very few incidents of this nature occur, the Los Alamitos Unified School District is committed to take all necessary precautions to keep our school campuses, staff and students safe. Parents and students are encouraged to report any information they have related to threat-making behavior to a member of your school staff. The most effective means of combating a potential act of violence in our schools is communication among the students, parents and the school. We value your cooperation in partnering with us to keep our schools safe, caring and orderly.