• Lisa Zimmermann McClellan

    Lisa McClellan

    5th Grade
    Room # 29

    Welcome to the 5th grade Exploratorium!


    Dear Students and Parents of Room 39,


    Hello and welcome back to another exciting school year.  I hope students had a wonderful first day and are feeling good about the upcoming year.  My name is Mrs. McClellan and I have had the honor of teaching at McGaugh Elementary for 21 years. 


    Fifth grade is my favorite grade to teach because there is so much to learn and experience.  Fifth grade is full of challenges, but it is an exciting year where lots of memories are made.  I know that some students are looking forward to subjects like science and social studies.  Some are excited about being challenged in math.  Most are waiting for OSS to arrive.  Whatever they are looking forward to, whatever they are nervous about, 5th grade is full of memorable experiences and I am happy to be a part of their final year at McGaugh.

    I wanted to take a moment to share information regarding some policies that will be in place for the remainder of the school year.   Please review these with your child and sign and return the bottom portion.


    1.     All textbooks will be checked out to your child and they are their responsibility.   Most will go home for the year, while math will stay at school.

    2.     Homework planners have been distributed and students are expected to record homework and important dates daily.

    3.     Homework will be going home at the beginning of each week but students are expected to complete assignments as they are assigned.  All homework is due on Fridays and is graded on a complete/on-time scale.   This routine will start the week of September 4th. 

    4.     Please do not bring forgotten items to school for your child.  We want to begin teaching responsibility for middle school. (and take a little pressure off mom and dad)

    5.     Students must have their multiplication facts mastered.

    6.     Start studying those states and capitals (spellings too!)

    7.     Please utilize the online grading system regularly to check your child's progress. 


    I am sure there are questions and I am happy to answer any you may have.  I look forward to meeting you all and going into detail about some aspects of our year.  .  Thank you for your support.  With school and home working together I know your child will have a fantastic year. 



    Mrs. McClellan



    Our PE Schedule varies weekly at this point.  Typically we are out for PE at least 3 days a week, thus providing those 100 minutes!


    Our Schedule

    Monday: 9:30 - 10:15 Jiji, 11:25-12:10 Music,

    Tuesday: 11:30 - 12:10 P.E

    Wednesday: 9:15-10:15 Media Center, 10:30-11:30 Art, 11:30- 12:10 P.E.

    Thursday: 11:30 - 12:10 P.E.



      Contact Me
      Use the information below if you would like to contact me.

      Classroom Phone:
      (562) 799-4560
      Ext: 79239
      Please respect teaching hours



      This is by far the best way to reach me.  I check my email daily.


      Important dates and events will
      be added to the calendar link regularly.
      Please use this tool for special events
      and due dates etc.