• Los Alamitos High School Athletics

  • Los Alamitos High School is a member of the C.I.F. Southern Section and Sunset League. To be eligible to participate in C.I.F. athletics, a student must meet the following criteria:

    • Before a student can participate in a sport, he/she must have a clearance from the athletic director stating the student athlete has a physical exam, health insurance, parent consent form, and has signed the Code of Conduct form.  (CIF Rule 306)     
    • Athletes must have passed a minimum of 20 units during the previous semester grading period.  Only 5 units can be in physical education. (CIF Rule 204)
    • Have proper district residency or be attending on a valid Inter-district permit.
    • Have proper insurance.
    • Be currently enrolled in classes worth 20 credits, only 5 of which may be from Physical Education.
    • Be under 19 years of age as of June 15th of a student's junior (or third) year
    • Refer to the 2.0 Rule below. 

    The 2.0 Rule - Any student participating in extra- or co-curricular activities must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above each semester. If the student falls below a 2.0 for a semester, s/he is given probationary status. If the student again falls below a 2.0 for another semester during his/her high school career, s/he will be ineligible to participate until a 2.0 semester GPA is achieved at a semester grading period.

    Any questions or details regarding Athletics should be directed to the Assistant Principal of Athletics, at extension 82252.

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