• computer lab

    The McGaugh Computer Lab is a newly modernized computer lab that houses 35 HP desktop computers, a SMARTboard/projector, Internet access, and utilizes the following computer software:

    Typing Pal (word processing program for 3th - 5th  graders)
    Kid Keys (word processing program for 1st -2nd  graders)
    Kid Pix (invites artistic kids to paint, stamp, scribble, write, imagine, explore and dream - all with the click of a mouse!)
    Education City (an online program that addresses all California State Standards in the areas of math, science and Language Arts)
    Jiji - STMath - a web based math program
    Accelerated Reader - a web based program to measure student comprehension

    Please choose an appropriate grade level link on the left to access online programs used by McGaugh students.