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    Once upon a time, in the kingdom of McGaugh,

    the court Jesters were called upon to entertain the royal children

    with the gift of storytelling


    Let's Celebrate and Grow our Media Center!

    Dedicate a book to your Student or child's teacher

    for a birthday, special occasion or

    just because you love them.


    • All dedicated books have a special plaque inside with a personalized message from you
    • The dedicated book is read to your child and their classroom by one or our Jesters in costume
    • The book will be enjoyed at home for a short time and then will remain in McGaugh's Media Center throughout time for all to enjoy
    • A colorful bell, with the child's name, is hung from the Jester on the Media Center board  for all to view!
    • The cost is $20 per dedication and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are encouraged to participate!

    Jester Dedication Forms are available in the media center and on-line here

    Please contact Zenaida Alfaro zenaidajestercoordinator@gmail.com

    Our Wonderful Jesters!

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     Hula Jester      Royal Jester

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