• Subject(s):  British Literature 
                       AP English Language
                        English 2

    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Phone: 562-799-4780, ext. 8359
    Email: mbone@losal.org

    Access our online classroom at google.classroom.com

    FOR ALL STUDENTS: We are using Google Classroom, which you can access both in class on our laptops and at home using your school-issued Google account.

    email: first initial, last name, last 4 digits of student ID @ golosal.net

    example: mbone1234@golosal.net
    pass: 07081987

    Please refer to Google Classroom for announcements, due dates, files, etc. Here are the codes for both classes:
    AP Lang: 9tfvrf
    British Lit: dos2p6
    English 2: zozqo4

    Download the Remind app and receive updates and reminders from me.
    The Remind codes to join each class are as follows:

    AP Lang: bbha8a8
    British Lit: g6b49d
    English 2: 7ee6gd
    Writing assignments will be submitted via turnitin.com. To join the class, use the following information:

    British Lit course ID: 21827000         enrollment key: fall

    Weekly writing assignments are due on Thursday night by 11:59pm. They cannot be turned in late for any credit.


    Period 1 - British Lit/Comp
    Period 2 - British Lit/Comp
    Period 3 - English 2
    Period 4 - Conference
    Period 5 - AP Lang
    Period 6 - AP Lang