• Subject(s):  British Literature 
                       AP English Language

    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Phone: 562-799-4780, ext. 82655
    Email: mbone@losal.org

    Access our online classroom at google.classroom.com

    FOR ALL STUDENTS: We are using Google Classroom, which you can access both in class on our laptops and at home using your school-issued Google account. 

    email: first initial, last name, last 4 digits of student ID @ golosal.net
    password: your 8-digit birthday

    example: mbone1234@golosal.net
    pass: 07081987

    Please refer to Google Classroom for announcements, due dates, files, etc. Here are the codes for both classes:
    AP Lang: j0kaipv
    British Lit: tdhb8b

    Download the Remind app and receive updates and reminders from me.
    The Remind codes to join each class are as follows:

    AP Lang: dc9k82
    British Lit: g48kc6

    Writing assignments will be submitted via turnitin.com. To join the class, use the following information:

    British Lit course ID: 16143140         enrollment key: fall
    AP Lang: 16315793                           enrollment key: fall

    Additional Assignment Information for Seniors:
    Weekly writing assignments are due on Thursday night by 11:59pm. They can be turned in Friday for partial credit. 
    The Expert Project is our major semester project for the school year. No part of this project will be accepted late.
    Smaller homework assignments such as chapter annotations, chapter questions, and other in-class work WILL be accepted late (until the end of the unit) for partial credit.


    Period 1 - British Lit/Comp
    Period 2 - British Lit/Comp
    Period 3 - British Lit/Comp
    Period 4 - Conference
    Period 5 - AP Lang
    Period 6 - AP Lang