• Mrs. Ellis

    November 26th, 2018 

    Teacher/Staff Member of the Day!
    This Wednesday, McGaugh’s classrooms, office, and staff lounge will be filled with brilliance (more brilliance than usual!) Thanks to our PTA and a very willing staff, close to 50 McGaugh students will be leading classroom instruction; artfully running the Art Lab; making sweet music in Room 13; being Mr. Ankou’s assistant; and making important schoolwide decisions. The ever-popular Teacher/Principal/Assistant Principal of the Day is here and a day our boys and girls love. Thank you to the parents who have supported the PTA by bidding on this popular event. You support our school while giving your child an opportunity to see what it is really like to be responsible for a classroom, or an entire school, of learners. And this experience benefits every child at McGaugh. See photo of last year’s staff breakfast and “staff meeting.” Looking forward to seeing these sophisticated professionals on Wednesday!

    Rah McGaugh!
    Roni Ellis