• 9Mrs. Ellis

    March 25, 2020


    Principal's Message

    Hello Wonderful  McGaugh Families,

    Why does it feel like we have been apart for months? This has been a difficult adjustment for all of us (and I do not have school-age children running around!) I have heard from so many of you these past 10 days and you have been so grateful and appreciative of our teachers and the learning opportunities they are providing. Thank you for taking the time to let me know how you feel; I am sharing your emails with staff which inspires them to continue to do great work. I write to update you and inform of you of a few things:

    GoogleClassroom (GClassroom) and GoogleMeet(GMeet)

    All students at McGaugh have daily access to their grade level curriculum through GClassroom and to their teachers through GMeet. If you are having any difficulty with either of these web services, please notify your child’s teacher right away. We will get you up and running. Learning will continue throughout our school closure. Please take advantage of the great resources your child is being offered.

    Parent Learning Resources

    I want to make sure you are aware of the outstanding resources our District has put together for your convenience. They include academic learning links and a variety of other resources you may need.  They are all listed on our Learning Connections website but I will add them here for your convenience.




    Breakfast and Lunch Served

    The United States Department of Agriculture is providing lunch to ALL children in California from ages 2-18 years of age. Please note this does not come out of our District budget and is available for any child whether or not they attend school in our District or not. Children must be present to pick up a sack with “today’s lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast.” We have a drive-through area in the tennis court parking lot. Service begins at 11:30 and ends at 12:30 OR when we run out of lunches! First come; first served.

    Thank you, Project SEEK!

    Thank you to Project SEEK and ALL of you who stepped up at the very beginning of this “shut down” and went online and “virtually” bid on EVERYTHING we had to offer! It was an incredibly successful fundraiser and you never had to leave the house! Thank you to our leaders, Lisa Johnston and Julie McMahon, and their amazing committee who made sure we did not skip a beat. We almost raised as much this year as we did last year…how incredible is that?

    And on a happy note…

    Update on Kindergartener, Remi Metcalfe

    As you are aware, there was a near-tragic accident on March 5 where beautiful Remi Metcalfe, kindergarten student in Mrs. McQuiston’s Room 12, fell out of a second story window. What she survived is truly incredible and her progress has been tremendous, or, in the words of her family, miraculous. Mrs. McQuiston and the families of Room 12 did a fabulous job of pulling together to surround the family with love and hope. Remi was released from the hospital last week and continues to get better each day. The following link will give you details of her recovery and an opportunity to support the family if you are interested. https://www.gofundme.com/f/pray-for-remi

    Another reason we want to get back to school…so we can see Remi!!!

    In an effort to restore “normalcy” the staff and I will be implementing a modified version of  “morning announcements” which will include the Pledge of Allegiance, patriotic song, birthday celebrations, and A for a Day! Stay tuned. I will send you more information as to how to access, what time, etc. And if you want to see something absolutely adorable, check out 5th grader Izzy Standlea from Mrs. Williams class in this version of McGaugh’s morning announcements. https://photos.app.goo.gl/78iyyKi8w2Rf6Mf76 

    The McGaugh staff and I miss our Sea Lions. We miss the routines, we miss the structure, we miss the relationships, and we miss the opportunity to interact with all of you. Please know we are all here for you. Email any of us for an update, to ask a question, to share a thought, we love hearing from you. I just had this sent to me and thought you’d appreciate it:

    “If schools don’t reopen soon, parents will be finding the vaccine before the scientists do!”

    Hang in there, moms and dads. YOU are appreciated!


    Rah, McGaugh! 
    Roni Ellis, Principal