• Mrs. Ellis


     June 4th, 2018 

    “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”   John Wooden
    As we close this year, it is important to the McGaugh staff and me that we recognize the commitment and efforts of two wonderful women: Mrs. Leanne Voigt and Mrs. Genevieve Brill Murphy, both leaving their posts as Presidents.

    These outstanding women have demonstrated that accountability, integrity, and hard-work are qualities not only found in the highest performing employees, but also in the most highly regarded volunteers. 

    Leanne has served her term for the past two years as President of Project SEEK and has led fundraising efforts of well over $300,000. Under Leanne’s leadership, Project SEEK has provided art instruction to all McGaugh students; funded a teacher for our Innovation Lab as well as all materials; and provided funding for a media center specialist. In addition, this past year, we received a brand-new Chromebook cart with 36 devices for our classroom instruction and will be furnishing our Sea Lion Lab with 40 new devices!! I know Leanne would immediately say she did not do this alone; but we all know that her fearless leadership got things done! Thank you, Leanne.

    Genevieve has also served two years as McGaugh’s PTA President. In addition to outstanding fundraising efforts, Genevieve led the way so that we could enjoy community events such as Family Fun Nights, ice cream socials, the Week of the Military Child and Family Math Night, to name a few. McGaugh’s PTA has a tremendous influence on our school by providing us with funds so that we may purchase much needed instructional materials, flexible seating for classrooms, and opportunities for teachers to meet together to collaborate and plan curriculum. Genevieve is always willing to listen and do whatever needs to be done to provide the staff and students of McGaugh with what is needed to be successful. Thank you, Genevieve.

    Leanne and Genevieve are leaving us in wonderful and capable hands; Mrs. Lisa Johnston takes over as President of Project SEEK, and Mrs. Heide Buchholz as McGaugh’s PTA President. As John Wooden so eloquently stated, we will never be able to repay you for the beautiful work you have done.

    With gratitude,
    Rah McGaugh!
    Roni Ellis