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    Welcome to the McAuliffe P.E. Department web page.  You'll find important information of proper P.E. uniforms and information about timed runs.
    Welcome to McAuliffe P.E.
    Students will receive P.E. uniforms and locks on Thursday August 8th and Friday August 9th.  Students should bring their receipt for P.E. clothes and lock to class.
    P.E. lockers will be distributed on Monday August 12th and Tuesday August 13th.  (Students must have their lock to receive a locker).
    The first day to dress out for P.E. will be Thursday August 15th.
    P.E. Uniforms
    Students may bring their own pair of blue athletic shorts without pockets and a plain grey or white crew neck t-shirt.  Their name will be written on this shirt.  
    Contact By Phone Or Email

    Mr. Maffett

    ext. 77251


    Mr. Robinson

    ext. 77251


    Mrs. Pagett

    ext. 77250


    Mr. Pagett

    ext. 77212


    Mrs. Pena

    ext. 77950


    P.E. Teacher Conference Periods 
    Mr. Maffett        Period 5
    Mr. Robinson    Period 5  
    Mrs. Pagett        Period 2
    Mr. Pagett         Period 4