• Students in 4th & 5th grade are provided an opportunity to learn leadership skills and serve the school through the LAE Ambassador Program. At the end of the year, students complete an application and are selected for participation in the following year.  New students are given the opportunity to apply in the beginning of the year. The ambassadors provide valuable service to the school community. Some of these may include: announcing assemblies, promoting school spirit, and assisting the school through different jobs. Students act as liaisons for all students by seeking their input into school decisions. It is a wonderful way to engage in community service and to learn the qualities of being an effective leader.

    Ambassador calendar:
    Session 1:  Monday, Sept. 28
    Session 2:  Monday, Oct. 12 - from 2:20 - 4:50 p.m.
    Session 3:  Monday, Oct. 26
    Session 4:  Monday, Nov. 2
    Session 5:  Monday, Nov. 16
    Session 6:  Monday, Dec. 7
    Session 7:  Monday, Dec. 14- Field Trip
    Session 8:  Tuesday, Jan. 5
    Session 9:  Monday, Feb. 22
    Session 10: Monday, Mar. 21
    Session 11: Monday, Apr. 4
    Session 12: Monday, Apr. 18
    Session 13: Monday, May 16
    Session 14: Monday, May 23
    Session 15: Tuesday, June 7
    For more information, contact:
    Lysa Gamboa-Levy
    Ambassador Program Coordinator - LAE Elementary School
    Student Leaders Serving Our Community