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     Welcome to PLTW Medical Detectives AND 7th Grade Science!

    As your science and PLTW teacher, I will do my best to provide a quality educational experience that will awaken your interests in the fascinating world around you. I hope to prepare you for any and all future science courses you may take at the high school and college level.  While this class will be challenging and demanding, it will also be fun and interactive!  Every day is important and I want to make every bit of class time productive.  In order to make all of this possible, I will need to ask for everyone’s help and cooperation.    

     When students enter my classroom there are five important rules to remember:

                                                          1.    Be Prepared

    2.    Be Cooperative

    3.    Be Productive

    4.    Be Positive

    5.    Be Courteous


    Homework is posted each day on the daily agenda slide and homework whiteboard. It is the student's responsibility to copy the homework down in his/her minder binder. I will use REMIND.com for most assignments to keep everyone accountable. BE SURE TO JOIN!  ALL STUDENTS NEED TO CHECK THE WEBSITE REGULARLY!


    • Students should always bring their interactive notebook to class and be prepared to think critically each and every day! 
    • Science begins when we make observations and ask questions! 
    • I hope to make science a part of your daily life! 



    • Lunch time MOST DAYS is the best time to come in for extra help
    • I can be available Mondays and Fridays after school
    • Schedule another time that works for you! 
    Email: MLMartin@losal.org


    Period 1 - NGSS TOSA
    Period 2 - Planning
    Period 3 - 7th Grade Science
    Period 4 - 7th Grade Science
    Period 5 - 7th Grade Science
    Period 6 - 7th Grade Science
    Period 7 - PLTW - 6th Grade