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    Professional Learning Community – McAuliffe Middle School is a professional learning community dedicated to the success of all students. Through collaborative efforts, staff, students and parents of McAuliffe Middle School are committed to providing rigorous and diverse educational programs in a safe and caring environment where all students have the opportunity to experience academic success and develop the habits of strong character.

    Respect for All – The McAuliffe school environment is safe, positive, and caring to support the uniqueness of the middle level student. Students are respected and valued by the school community and in turn, the students demonstrate responsibility, honesty, cultural sensitivity and respect for all.

    Instruction – ALL students are engaged in a rigorous and challenging standards-based curriculum that is also responsive to student interests and needs. Strong exploratory and enrichment programs encourage students to make informed choices that complement the core academic curriculum.

    Differentiation – Instruction is differentiated to meet the learning needs of students with a wide range of abilities, allowing them to build upon their personal strengths. The school community understands and appreciates the diversity of our students in their talents, personal characteristics, language backgrounds, ethnic or racial heritage and cultural traditions.

    Expectations – High expectations are set for all students to maximize their potential. All students have the ability to learn and the entire school staff and community are committed to helping them achieve their goals.