• Technology Services Handbook

    Table of Contents


    Welcome to District Technology Services

    Technology Services Department Organization Chart


    District Technology Responsibilities


    Self-Service Password Reset


    Single Sign-On Staff Portal


    Microsoft Office 365 Portal


    Basic Troubleshooting


    Troubleshooting Specific Device – Chromebooks, Macs, iPads


    Troubleshooting - Printers


    Troubleshooting - Projectors


    Troubleshooting - Telephones


    MySchoolBuilding Technology Work Order System


    LAUSD Email Communications


    LAUSD Digital Resources


    Lightspeed Web Filter






    School Messenger


    Technology Donations


    Technology Surplus and Retirement Procedures


    LAUSD Staff Acceptable Use of Technology Form


    Reprographics/Reproduction? Services


    Welcome to district Technology Services


    This handbook is designed to help guide you through technology support in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. The contents will show you how to request different types of services, as well as provide some self-help troubleshooting guides on frequently requested information. We hope that you find many answers to your questions in this handbook, but please feel free to contact our Technology Help Desk if you need clarification on any informational or educational technology we use in the District.

    We are here to serve you!


    John Spiratos, Director of Information Technology

    Daniel Bennett, Director of Educational Technology

    Marlena Ludwig, Administrative Assistant, Information Technology

    Rob Martin, Information Systems Analyst

    Armando Gomez, Database Specialist

    Fabiola Loges, Database Specialist

    Della Cowan, Information Systems Specialist

    Jeremy Hirt, Information Systems Specialist

    Jeremy Ortiz, Information Systems Specialist II

    Devin Workman, Information Systems Specialist

    Ramon Zavala, Information Systems Specialist II

    Raymond Szebert, Information Systems Technician

    Robert Zelaya, Information Systems Technician

    Alicia Seyfried, Reprographics Specialist


    Technology Department organization


    The Los Alamitos Unified School District Information Technology and Educational Technology Departments are supported by an Information Technology Director, an Educational Technology Director, one Administrative Assistant, one Systems Analyst, one Reprographics Specialist, two Database Specialists, and five Information Systems Specialists (Techs) serving our District Office, Auxiliary Office, and eight school sites.  The Technology Help Desk is staffed by the two full-time Database Specialists and can be reached by phone at Extension 80445 or by emailing technologyhelpdesk@losal.org.  Los Alamitos High School has one dedicated full-time Information Systems Specialist (Tech), as well as one Teacher on Special Assignment released part-time for technology support.  Our two middle schools share two Information Systems Specialists (Techs) for 3 days per week per site; and our elementary sites share 4 Information Systems Specialists (Techs) for 2 days per week per site.  Techs may be called away from their assigned sites for emergency needs.  Regular tech site schedules are adjusted during holidays, staff development days, and testing periods.

    District Technology Responsibilities

    In order to help streamline communications, service, and work flow, below is a chart of general technology-related responsibilities of the Information Technology Department, Educational Technology Department and individual school sites.

    Self-Service Password Reset


    If you forget your password or it has expired, the District offers an automated method to change your password in a secure (https) website process.   You don’t need to call the helpdesk line or wait for a technician to assist you; you can now initiate the request via the new Web Portal.   You do have to register one time to use the system.  (See registration procedures below.) Once registered, password changes and recovery can be requested via the online portal.  A verification code will be sent to either a personal email or cellphone number (call or text) submitted by you during the registration process.  (Please note that you will still need to contact our helpdesk for Aeries password questions/issues.)