• Dear Lee Parents:


    Whenever a student returns from a long break from school, or when a new case of head lice is detected at school, it is a good opportunity to educate families on the benefit of making periodic head checks in the home, a part of your school aged child’s healthy routines.


    Ideally, students should be screened for head lice at home prior to returning to school following a school vacation, such as after summer, winter, or spring break. This is the most common time (during vacation from school), that children develop an infestation.


    A copy of the brochure, “A Parent’s Guide to Head Lice”, is available by clicking on the link below. Additionally, I have attached a letter from Nurse Erin Lawrence that provides additional information and resources about head lice.  Please click this link to see the letter: Lice Information from District Nurse.



    Thank you,

    Amy Laughlin