• Mr. Chris Miko
    Science 6

    Welcome to Mr. Miko's Sci. 6 Classroom!

    All class resources will be posted on my website: https://sites.google.com/a/losal.org/oaksci6/


    All assignments will be posted on Google Clasroom. (Student codes to join a particular class period are listed below.)

    Every week "Mr. Miko's Weekly Digest" will be posted on Google Classroom and sent out via Remind.com. The Weekly Digest is the expected schedule for the week.
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    Contact me through Email: CMiko@Losal.org

    Period 1 - Prep.
    Period 2 - Sci. 6 (Google Classroom Code: 1hitu6)
    Period 3 - Sci. 6 (Google Classroom Code: 7v45y6)
    Period 4 - Sci. 6 (Google Classroom Code: lgi5p8)
    Period 5 - Sci. 6 (Google Classroom Code: o1nv5xf)
    Period 6 - Sci. 6 (Google Classroom Code: ecjw2j)
    Period 7 - Engineering (Google Classroom Code: p6nq2kl)