The middle school standards of dress and grooming have been established to promote a positive learning environment that is free of distraction aimed to support student learning.  The dress standards provide students the choice of dress that are deemed appropriate, functional and free of distraction. 

    1. Pants/Leggings/Shorts

      • Pants and shorts may not be excessively large in the waist to where they hang down to where they cause a hazard, expose undergarments, and/or are split or frayed.

      • Pants and shorts must stay up and fit at the waist without a belt.  Sagging is not permitted.

      • Pants and shorts may not be skin tight, sheer or revealing.

      • Leggings may not be worn as a solitary unit of clothing.

    2. Blouses/Shirts

      • Must cover student’s midriff and back.

      • Tank tops, tube tops, bathing suit tops, spaghetti strap tops or low cut tops are not permitted.

      • Shirts must not have the appearance of lingerie or being pajama like.

        *Note:  Outer garments must completely cover the student’s undergarments and the sleeves must cover the shoulders.

    3. Dresses/Skirts/Shorts

      • Skirts must cover the upper half (mid-thigh and above) of the student’s legs.

      • Shorts must have a 3 inch inseam (i.e. equivalent to the size of a square post-it note).

    4. Shoes

      • Shoes that cover and secure the entire foot are preferred.

      • Sandals are permitted but must have a back strap. 

      • Flip-flop sandals are not permitted.

      • High heeled or platform shoes are not permitted.

    5. Hats

      • Hats may be worn outdoors and may not be worn indoors.

      • Hats that contain customized messaging are not permitted.

      • Hats that promote violence, drugs/drug use, smoking, gangs, profanity, weapons, violence, illegal activities, degrading other cultures, genders, religious or ethnic values are not permitted.

    6. Accessories

      • Belts that are excessively long are not permitted.

      • Excessively large belt buckles are not permitted.

      • Wallet chains, large bracelets, large earrings, spiked and/or studded jewelry are not permitted.

    7. Messaging on clothing

      • Clothing may not be worn that references drug/drug use, alcohol/alcohol use, smoking, gangs, profanity, weapons, violence, or illegal activities, degrades other cultures, genders, religion, or ethnic values.

    8. Make-up & Hairstyles

      • Extreme make-up and hairstyles that distract or disrupt the teaching and learning process are not permitted.

    As fashion trends change, there may be a need to modify dress standards. When this occurs, students and parents will be notified. Students will be notified through the daily bulletin, discussions with teachers, and/or announcements. If there is any question, please call the school at any time for clarification prior to purchasing your student’s school clothing. Students who violate the dress standards may be subject to disciplinary consequences. Inappropriate clothing may be confiscated and released to parents. Repeated violations may result in progressive disciplinary action, including administrative detention and/or suspension. Parent support in encouraging students to dress appropriately is greatly appreciated.