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    LAEF offers a variety of programs to enrich students of the Los Alamitos Unified School District.  Click here to find out more about After-School Enrichment programs.

    Spring 2018 After School Programs beginning at McAuliffe on January 23rd:
    • Running/Nutrituion/Physical Fitness – It's easy to believe that physical performance is what solely determines the success of an athlete. However, have you ever spent much time thinking about other factors, like your nutrition or mental strength? If you haven't, then this class is for you. In order to be your best - whether it's on the field, court, or track - it is important to practice a comprehensive approach, as it can lead to your optimal performancy. Over the course of 14-weeks, you'll not only learn physical skills to improve your performance, but you'll also find out how to properly fuel your body and train your mind to be a source of strength and positive outcomes. (Tuesdays – $195)
    • Girls Self Defense – Kenpo Karate with an emphasis on practical self-defense for girls as well as empowerment. (Wednesdays – $195)
    • Robotics – This class provides students with an engaging hands-on explorations of computer science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields through the use of robots.  Students will build and program real-life robotic solutions using motors, sensors, batteries, connectors, and various structural elements. Through this engaging program, students will show creativity, use teamwork, and strengthen their skills in logic, math, problem solving, and deduction. Classes are from February 1-March 22. (Thursdays – $99)

    Catalogs and flyers for all LAEF fall programs can be found at www.LAEF4kids.org/. Questions? Email programdirector@LAEF4kids.org or call 562-799-4700 Ext. 80424.