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    LAEF offers a variety of programs to enrich students of the Los Alamitos Unified School District.  Click here to find out more about After-School Enrichment programs.

    Fall 2018 After School Programs beginning at McAuliffe on September 5th:
    • LAEF Fit! Nutrition, Fitness, and Yoga – Students will be introduced to a variety of topics that affect their immediate and long-term health. We promote a healthy and active lifestyle through discussion, high-energy workouts, followed by a yoga cool-down at the end of each class, in order to allow students to easily transition to the start of their school day. We will be covering topics including diet, exercise, good hygiene, and accessible resources in the community. (Daily – $299)
    • Girls Self Defense – Kenpo Karate with an emphasis on practical self-defense for girls as well as empowerment. (Wednesdays – $175)
    • Public Speaking – Do you want to become a powerful public speaker before your peers? Public speaking is designed to teach presentation skills for informative, persuasive, debate, and impromptu styles of speech delivery. It will also focus on the written aspect of speech organization, as well as how to be confident and comfortable in front of an audience. Students will learn how to research, outline, and deliver short, informal presentations as well as longer speeches. (Fridays – $175)
    • Japanese – Students will gain exposure and introduction to the Japanese language and culture through reading, writing, listening, and engaging in well-chosen activities according to their developmental stages, which will provide a foundation for further study (Wednesdays – $175)

    Catalogs and flyers for all LAEF fall programs can be found at www.LAEF4kids.org/. Questions? Email programdirector@LAEF4kids.org or call 562-799-4700 Ext. 80424.