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    Hour of Code

    Join Los Al in celebrating Computer Science Week!!!

    <1> Commit to spend an hour exploring and learning about coding and programming
    <2> Share your accomplishment through a selfie with your code on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #losalCodes

    Enter Tuesday's Amazon Card Drawing by either...

    <1> Completing an hour of code with someone else, like a Parent, Sister, or Brother, and posting a selfie with your code on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #losalCodes
    <2> Completing a Programming Language Unit at CodeAcademy.com (ex: Javascript 1 intro) and posting a selfie with your code on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #losalCodes

    If you are new to Code...

    • Code.org Block Coding Play Lab: Create a story or make a game with Play Lab! Make animals, pirates, zombies, ninjas, and many more characters move, make sounds, score points, and even throw fireballs!
    • Minecraft - Code Adventurer:Use code to take Alex or Steve on an adventure.
    • Minecraft - Code Designer: Program animals and other Minecraft creatures in your own version of Minecraft.
    • Disney's Moana Hour of Code: Disney’s 2016 Hour of Code tutorial celebrates Moana, a master wayfinder who leads her people on New Migrations has a special connection with the ocean. When the tutorial starts students will help Moana and Maui sail through unknown territory and steer their boat using basic coding commands of sequences and loops.

    Level Up Your Code...

    • bitsbox:With Bitsbox, you learn to program by creating fun apps that work on computers and gadgets like iPads and Android tablets. The Bitsbox.com website provides a virtual tablet and a place to type your code. The experience starts with lots of guidance, first showing learners exactly what to type, then quickly encouraging them to modify and expand their apps by typing in new commands.
    • Intro to Programming with Scratch: Scratch is a great educational tool for teaching simple programming concepts. The first game is an introduction to Scratch. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple game and tries to familiarize you with how Scratch works. The other games are designed as exercises with just a general description of what you need to program in order to make the game work.
    • CodeAcademy.com:Pure coding tutorials the guide students to learn to code industry languages. Options include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Building a Website and scale up to development languages such as PHP and Python.

    What will you code...?

    See the Pen CSS 3D Solar System by Julian Garnier (@juliangarnier) on CodePen.

    See the Pen Mess Creator by Godje (@Godje) on CodePen.