• BYOD Chromebook Program

     Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, the 3rd & 4th grades at LEE will launch a Bring Your Own Device  (BYOD) Chromebook program.  Students will bring their own Chromebook to use in the classroom and at home. Teachers integrate instructional technology across the curriculum and students build 21st Century Skills.

    The BYOD program will be a home-school partnership.  For each 3rd & 4th grade classroom, the school will provide an enhanced wireless network, secure storage and charging stations, Chromecast to display student work, and a small pod of Chromebooks to be used by students who do not have their own device.   

    Please access these resources for more information:
     Chromebooks available for a discount through Brick by Brick: https://www.brickbybrickfund.org/school/richard-henry-lee-elementary-school
    BYOD PresentationBYOD Parent Night Presentation
    BYOD Rules of the RoadRules of the Road
    LAUSD BYOD Agreement: BYOD District Agreement
    District BYOD Resource Pagehttps://www.losal.org/byod