Students often misplace items while at school. We make every effort to return items with identification to students as soon as possible. By marking the student's name on backpacks, clothing, notebooks, calculators, etc., they have a much better chance of finding an article that has been lost. If a student fe, els that an item has been stolen, a Missing Property Report should be filed in the Campus Supervision Offi, ce. Students should check the following locations for lost items:

    Books, binders, backpacks

    Media Center

    Electronics, cell phones

    Campus Supervision Office

    Calculators, wallets, jewelry, glasses

    Main Office


    Main Office


    Students must be on guard to prevent the theft of their property while attending school. The following preventative actions will help reduce the likelihood of theft on campus:

    • Do not bring items to school that are not needed, for sc, hool.
    • Do not bring large sums of money or valuables to school, especially jewelry.
    • Do not leave any items unattended in a classroom.
    • Do not leave any items unattended anywhere on campus.
    • Do not leave any items unattended during 6th period athletics.
    • Do not leave backpacks, clothing or other items in an unlocked P.E. locker.
    • Always turn the combination on your lock after you have closed it firmly.
    • Do not share your locker or give your combination to anyone.

    What to do in case of a theft:

    • If a theft occurs during class time, immediately report it to your teacher.
    • Report all thefts to the Campus Supervision Office by filling out a Missing Property Report. (Even if we cannot retrieve the item, it is helpful to us to keep track of any patterns that may be occurring.)