• Read Across America
    March 1 - March 8 
    Reading is cool at Los Al High School!
    Cat in the Hat 
    The Griffins and the Hat
    Back during this week,
    Many years ago,
    Came into this world,
    A baby, you know.
    He grew into a man,
    And by the 1950’s,
    He wrote many stories –
    And so many were nifty.
    Allegories and stories,
    Often paired in a rhyme,
    These stories did tell
    Of events in his time.
    But who was this chap?
    This man with his scheme,
    To inspire so many
    To read, write, and dream?
    Theo, or Ted,
    A man by this name,
    He became a doctor,
    And Dr. Seuss was his fame!
    So many stories,
    On rugs and in beds,
    Are often retold,
    And fill our kids’ heads.
    So all Griffin families
    Please do us a favor –
    Encourage your children,
    To read and to savor.
    For reading is not
    Just a chore or a test
    It inspires and fills
    Our minds with the best!
    During this week,
    If your families have time,
    Read them a story
    Composed in a rhyme!
    Gather them up
    With the lights way down low
    Remind them to read –
    It’s the best, don’t you know?
    Jason Farvour,
    Teacher & Activities Director, Los Alamtios High School