2011 Brosius photo     Welcome to the 2019-20 school year; this is my 32 year in education! I am in awe how fast these years have flown by.. more mind-blowing- I have had the honor of teaching well over 4,800 students. Thirty-two years, and still I get giddy the first day of school. I look forward to integrating my summer's research treasures; new pedagogy, adaptive computer learning tools, and adding the newly discovered gems of literature. I am a bit of a fanatic always looking for the perfect fit, the one that will connect my students' interest and meet the curriculum requirements. This year is going to be great; I am excited to get our year going!! 

    My role as a junior/ senior teacher is to assure grade-level success in the state adopted English requirements, furthermore, to prepare students for success in their post-secondary options. I focus on building my students confidence in critical reading and writing and helping them to be confident in their abilities. Most importantly I endeavor to give students the tools and motivation to actively pursue their excellence every day. 

    I believe strongly that students have to practice being self-reliant and advocate their needs for success. My door is always open I expect students to seek help when needed. Junior and senior students HAVE to be aware of the importance of critical thinking and problem solving; I teach successful fishing techniques rather than throwing fish at them. It really is remarkable to watch students mature and begin trusting their ability to "figure it out".  My students become gritty and determined once they trust the process=that they will get exactly what they put into the course, and they push hard once they realize I am cheering them on and present to help them over the rough spots. I continue to remind my students that they are in complete control of their successes and their failures; I will support them, cheer them on, and be available when extra help/clarification is needed. I will be flexible when life's challenges take over, but I will NOT negotiate grades.

    My class is a paperless English class; computers serve as the student's notebook, i.e., virtual notebooks. An extension to our classroom at LAHS is the virtual class set up in classroom portal; google classroom supports the learning from my classroom to the students' home. The classroom environment is set up for independent study and group collaboration- positivity and respect are expected. Negativity is not welcomed; rude and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

    It is quite simple to thrive in my class: represent the expectations of an intelligent, respectful student, be kind and be positive.
    Ready to pursue excellence? Let's do this!


    Contact Me


    I am always available- mornings, nutrition break, lunch, or after school- Do not leave school confused about any assignment. Email me at my Gmail or come in and talk to me. I will make myself available for clarifications.

    Phone: ( 562) 799-4780, ext. 82760
    Email: dbrosius@losal.org

    Email: teaching.eng@gmail.com

    Virtual Drop Box:  If you are ecologically minded and want to help save trees, or if you miss class because of unforeseen circumstances turn your work in virtually. Late work is not acceptable, computer error is not an acceptable excuse for late work, either. If your printer breaks...... write it out! If you can't access the work, social media, email, or come in FIRST thing in the morning to clear the problem up. 

    Chalkup: We will use this forum as a virtual tool for group discussions or as an opportunity to expand on the information learned in class. The forum will cultivate an environment that encourages insightful connections to previously learned concepts as well as thinking passed the literal. You will begin to realize the critical element of peer commentary.  This commentary will help you gain more insight into the topic discussed. Students using this forum will participate in an appropriate intelligent manner. Standard English will be expected as a means to practice written expression.

    Clever: Resources that we use for practice, presentation, review, college board can be accessed through the classroom portal and clicking on the Clever icon. Use the virtual class as a resource for more in-depth understanding.



    If you need extra help I am available before school, during 6th period and after school.

    Period 1 - AP Language & Comp.
    Period 2 - AP Language & Comp.

    Period 3 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 4 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 5 - Modern Literature & Comp.

    Period 6 - Conference Period
    believe in it, acheive it!