• La alhambra (Granada, Spain)
    La Alhambra (Granada, Spain)


    Spanish II & III

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  I am so excited to be working with all of you this year on your journey towards becoming bilingual.  Please remember to come to every class prepared which includes having your notebook, a pen or a pencil and your lab manual.  Don't forget your positive attitude!    

    Tutoring: Don't forget that I am available for tutoring before and after school as well as during lunch.  Please just let me know ahead of time that you would like to meet.  If you are having trouble please do not be afraid to ask questions.  The spanish honor society also tutors every Thursday at lunch in room 759. 
    Absent work: If you are absent please make sure you are checking to see if you missed any of the following items: Warm-ups, classwork, notes, homework. 
    Homework:  Check classroom.gogle.com for homework if you did not write it down in class!  ALL homework, assignments and upcoming test/quizzes are posted there!

    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Phone: (562) 799-4780 ext. 82527 (classroom)

    Phone: (562)-799-4780 ext. 82421 (ASB)

    Email: khafer@losal.org


    Period 1 - Spanish II
    Period 2 - Spanish II
    Period 3 - Spanish III
    Period 4 - Student Government (ASB)
    Period 5 - Director of Activities
    Period 6 - Conference