• 2012 Jones, Kelly
    Subjects: English II Honors and English 2CP 
    Welcome to English 2 Honors and English 2CP!
    Parents and Students:
    Welcome to a brand new year of learning here at Los Alamitos High School!  I am very excited to meet each of you and get to know you this year. 
    You may access this webpage for any questions you may have regarding not only our daily agenda, but also our class handouts.  Please refer to the links in the margin for more information about your class.
    Mrs. Jones
    Room 359


    Here are the best ways to contact m

    Phone: (562) 799-4780, ext. 82359
    Email:  kjones@losal.org

    2017-2018 Schedule
                                                    TURNITIN.COM LOG-IN INFORMATION:
    Period 2 - English II Honors   
    Class ID: 17763767   key: period2
    Period 3 - English II Honors   Class ID: 17763910   key: period3
    Period 4 - English 2CP             Class ID: 17763916   key: period4
    Period 5 - English 2CP             Class ID: 17763926   key: period5