• 2012 Pazeian
    United States History
    World History


    Welcome to your study of history.  This course requires focused reading, critical thinking, research skills, and hard work.  Consistent effort in these areas will earn you an “A”.  Failure to do these will result in repeating the class in summer school.


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                562-799-4780 ext. 82812


                www.losal.org - all current assignments and due dates will be listed here

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                7 am – 7:45 am by appointment

                1:30 pm by appointment

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    Phone: ( 562) 799-4780, ext. 82812
    Email: mpazeian@losal.org

    Link to online grades:

    Period 1 -  World History
    Period 2 -  United States History
    Period 3 -  United States History
    Period 4 -  United States History
    Period 5 -  United States History
    Period 6 -  Conference