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    Please use email if possible.

    Phone: (562) 799-4700  x76951 
    Email: bmeckna@losal.org

    Options to make up PE days using Mile Blue Slip:

    -Run a mile on Tuesday after school with Running Club

    -Run with Zero Period on Wednesday (7:50am)

    -Run a mile with Fit Bit or have a parent note the time with a signature


    Period 1 - 6th/7th Physical Education
    Period 2 - 7th Physical Education
    Period 3 - 7th Physical Education
    Period 4 - 7th/8th Physical Education
    Period 5 - 7th/8th Physical Education
    Period 6 - 7th/8th Physical Education
    Period 7 - Conference


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    Who is my PE teacher?


    At the start of the year, students will report to the teacher listed on their schedule. Room number does not matter. All PE classes meet behind the locker rooms at the numbers painted on the blacktop. Because the scheduling computer randomly places students in a PE class during a specific period, we each have a mix of 6-8 graders in our classes. We do not think sixth graders should be expected to participate in sports with eighth graders if we can avoid it, so the PE teachers will redistribute students amongst ourselves to consolidate students by grade level as best as possible. Depending on the numbers each period, there may be some 6/7 or 7/8 combination classes. Once the redistribution is complete, we will have the office correct it on Aeries.


    When will I get my PE uniform?


    Uniform distribution was made available on registration days. If your child did not come to one of those events, checks/money and order forms for PE uniforms can be brought to the main office. If we ran out of your size, listen for announcements in PE. We will let you know when those shirts come in and you can pick them up. New uniforms may be purchased at any time of the year.


    Do I have to wear an Oak PE uniform?


    Purchasing a PE uniform through Oak is optional. If you choose to provide your own PE clothes, we ask that students wear a white crew neck shirt with his or her name written on it (largely, last name and first initial) and a loose-fitting pair of pants or dark shorts of school-appropriate length. NO volleyball shorts, short shorts, denim, yoga pants, or leggings without shorts over top.


    What kind of shoes should I wear for PE?


    Students must wear sneakers that tie or velcro to keep the shoe securely on the child's foot during activity. No deck shoes (even with laces), no slip-ons, no wedge sneakers. Many students like to wear lace-up, flat-soled shoes like Vans or Converse. That style IS allowed in PE, but we strongly recommend a more shaped running-style sole for your child's long-term joint and bone health. Some students choose to keep a pair of shoes in their PE lockers specifically for running days.


    When are we dressing out?


    Expect to dress out regularly starting the first Monday.


    What happens if I forget my PE clothes?


    If you forget some or all of your PE clothes, we provide loaner uniforms. Shirt and shorts are available. Students will sign out loaner clothes in their respective locker rooms. Loaner clothes MUST be returned at the end of the period. We have washers and dryers to launder them after use. Frequent loaners will result in a detention. "Frequent" is currently defined as 3 or more times within a unit (approximately 3-4 weeks).  8th graders will receive detentions on the third time each quarter.


    What happens if I lose my PE clothes?


    If you lose your PE clothes, be sure to ask teachers and TAs to check the lost and found in the locker rooms. Often times, you forgot to lock them up properly and/or they were left out. If they don't turn up after a couple of days, you have several options: 1) Wear a white shirt with your name on it and black shorts  2) Buy a new uniform. Pay at the main office, then they will send a receipt with you to pick up your new uniform during class. 3) We do have used PE uniforms that have been donated back to PE. Talk to your PE teacher about how to get them. They are washed.


    Can I bring my backpack to PE?


    Students will be expected to put their backpacks in their book lockers on their way to PE class. No backpacks in the locker rooms. An exception may be made for backpacks on wheels due to their large size. Students should NOT leave backpacks unattended along fences, outside classrooms, or lying around other areas of campus.  Unattended backpacks run the risk of theft.



    What if I am injured or sick and cannot participate in PE?


    If, for some reason, you are unable to participate in PE, you must bring in a written NOTE signed by a parent with your name, PE period number, and the date. Please do NOT call or email PE excuse notes. We spend most of our time outside and do not have timely access to the phone or computer. Without a note, students will be expected to participate in the usual PE activity for the day. If students cannot participate in PE for more than three days consecutively, a doctor's note is appreciated. Students who have a doctor's note stating that they cannot participate in PE for longer than 3-4 weeks may be placed on independent study in the media center until cleared to return to PE.


    What do I wear when it's cold outside?


    Students may wear a jacket or sweatshirt OVER their PE shirt. They may also wear sweats OVER their PE shorts or leggings under their PE shorts. Students are still responsible for having their PE uniform on cold days and must change into their PE uniform for hygiene reasons.


    What do we do for PE when it's raining?


    Students ARE still expected to dress out on rainy days. We will do attendance in the gym followed by an alternative activity in the gym or locker rooms. Loaners are not available on rainy days. Students who do not have their uniforms will lose points for lack of participation.


    How am I graded in PE?



    Each day of the unit is worth five points.  Running Days (Wednesday) and Fitness Fridays are worth 10 points each.  Those points include dressing out in your own uniform, effort and participation, good sportsmanship, and following directions. The list below includes some scenarios where points may be lost. If your child loses points for a day, the reason will be indicated in the comment section for the day on Aeries. 


    Wearing loaners (whether shirt, shorts or both) is minus 2 points.


    Walking when you should be running earns you a zero. If you start running after corrected and continue to run when you are supposed to, you may earn some points back.


    Lack of effort, participation, and/or behavior issues are minus points per occurrence/reminder.


    If you cannot participate in class and have a SIGNED PARENT NOTE, you are still expected to dress out unless your injury makes it too difficult to dress out. 


    If you cannot participate in class and have a doctor's note, you are still expected to dress out. You will receive full credit for the days you attend class in uniform.  If the doctor’s note is for more than two weeks, you will be assigned to the Media Center and will not need to make up those missed days.


    An absence earns 0 points for the day. Points may be made up by 1) attending running club on a Tuesday after school, 2) attending Mr Stembridge's 0 period class before school on a running day (Monday) or fitness Friday (please let us know ahead of time so Mr Stembridge will be expecting additional students), 3) completing 5K/10K events outside of school, 4) run a mile using a Fit Bit or have your parent write down a timed mile on a track and confirm it with a signature, or 5) making other arrangements with your teacher ahead of time.


    An absence in PE due to a school-sponsored activity such as a rehearsal or field trip is excused (NA). It does not count towards or against your grade in PE.