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    Purpose Statement:

    This site is intended to help communicate with both parents and students to help establish a solid foundation for a successful school year.  
    This site allows you to see what we are currently working on in our class.  Use the Homework page to see the daily information.  
    The Main Page will update you with test dates, as well as project dates.  You may also use the "Calendar" or HW Page to see the main assignments/tests/projects that are currently being worked on.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Greg Luttrell 
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    Important Dates/Projects: 

    Extra Credit Opportunity



    TESTS/QUIZZES:  Civil War Final- May 17th.

    Extra Credit:  Opportunities will be available throughout the semester.  More information will follow.  Students can always complete two current events articles per grading cycle.  See me for the papers that explain the specifics.  The extra credit goes into the Unit Packets grade.  Please see me if you need to make sure that your article is appropriate to use for Extra Credit.


    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Prep Period: Period 4

    Phone: (562) 799-4740 ext.76234
    Period 1 - Soc. Science 8 

    Period 2 - Soc. Science 8 (H)
    Period 3 - Soc. Science 8  

    Period 4 - Prep Period

    Period 5 - Soc. Science 8  (H)

    Period 6 - Soc. Science 8 (H)
    Period 7 - Soc. Science 8 (H)


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