• 9/4/17
    Welcome Back 6th Graders!
        Thanks to each of you for a great start to our school year! Our first three days have been a pleasure despite the heat and back to school stress.  You have all managed your time wisely and will continue to get better with each school day. I'm proud of your willingness to work in an effort to become successful 6th graders. Please be sure to have a three subject notebook by Friday,9/8. We will be creating interactive notebooks in reading, writing, and grammar.  Please let me know if you need one.  I look forward to seeing you at B.T.S.N. this Wednesday.  Your student does not need to attend.  If you cannot make it, don't worry. We can talk.  It's basically talking about district signature practices in the classroom, student expectations, and resources we will use of the course of the school year.  Please be sure to sign up for remind.com.  It's an app that we use to share deadlines, reminders, shout outs, etc.  I will update our homework on this page each day as assignments are due.  I will also be giving class time for students to copy assignments into their Minder Binders from a homework board I keep in our classroom.   
    Remind.com class codes:
    Core 1: @fe477k6
    Core 2: @f43be9
    Core 3:  @core3re
    Please let me know if you need help signing up or signing in.  I'll try not to send out too many reminds.  I try to keep it between 1-2 per week.  Thanks for the consideration.
    This year we will also have a student teacher from Cal-State Fullerton, Kyle Nault.  Mr. Nault will be working with us for two periods a day 4 days a week.  Kyle was my "go-to" sub last year and is familiar with school policies and expectations of each Oak lion.  He will make a great addition to our classroom. Thanks for a great three days.
    Please E-mail me at jhill@losal.org
    Phone: ( 562) 799-4740 Ext. 76205
    Period 1 - Language Arts
    Period 2 - Reading
    Period 3 - Language Arts
    Period 4 - Reading
    Period 5 - Planning Period
    Period 6 -  Language Arts
    Period 7 - Reading
    • Today we continued in Touching Spirit Bear and made corrections to sentences and fragments.  Great job using commas and coordinating conjuctions to correct dependent clauses.  For tomorrow, review your Words Often Confused Lesson 5.  We will have a weekly quiz.  Be sure to bring your independent reading book for Cafe Wednesday tomorrow along with your Reading Response questions.  Happy Taco Tuesday!