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    Subject(s) 8th Grade Core: Reading and Language Arts
    and Honors Core 

    Welcome to Mrs. Conroy's 8th Grade CORE and 8th Grade Honors CORE class for reading and language arts. 
    To get you prepared for high school, we will be developing critical thinking skills and elevating our writing while jumping into rigorous coursework.  We will be reading several exciting novels: The Outsiders, The Crucible and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In addition, our writing will focus on the following genres: narrative, response to literature, argumentative and a college research essay. We have been blessed by Laptop Cart in the classroom, so there will be an enhanced use of research and collaborative work.  There will also be an abundance of root words, grammar review and spelling skills covered. Furthermore, a lot of effort will go towards preparing for the reading comprehension and writing components in the electronic testing of the new Common Core Standards in May.  I am thrilled to be a part of your child's educational experience and welcome any questions.  The best time to reach me is before and after school, and during my conference time. I can't wait to begin this exciting year with you, and remember, "Oak Lions Roar!"
    Mrs. Conroy
    562) 799-4740 x 76221

    I will be using this web page to post the weekly homework assignments.  They will be up by Monday evening for the week ahead. There will be plenty of time for students to work in class, and homework will be started and mostly finished during class time.  You should not feel overwhelmed at home if you are using your class time wisely!
    As a reminder, I am available for students to make up tests or projects at lunch on Wednesdays this year.  Also, I can be available before or after school by appointment.
    Homework is in the assignment section and will be updated on Monday's for the week.  Students also will have my weekly whiteboard in class which lists homework and test schedules for the week.  Time will be given on Monday's to fill out minder binder; please use it! To find out about your child's current grades, please access the AERIES grade book. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact the main office at 562) 799-4740. 
    I will update grades about every two (2) weeks, and you will be able to see current information about your child.  If you notice an error, please email me and I will look into the situation.  I plan to email student grades prior to each grade reporting system.
    Mrs. Conroy
    Room 21
    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Phone: (562 ) 799-4740 x 76221
    Email: lconroy@losal.org

    Conference time: daily during third (5) period  12:10-12:45 pm

    Period 1 -Core 1 Language Arts
    Period 2 - Core 1 Reading
    Period 3-  Core 2 Honors Language Arts
    Period 4 - Core 2  Honors Reading
    Period 5 - - Conference
    Period 6- Core 3 Honors Language Art
    Period 7 - Core 3 Honors Reading