• Open Enrollment for District Residents Due February 1, 2019

    The Los Alamitos Unified School District offers Open Enrollment for district residents at all schools where space is available. At this time, the District has determined that each of the six elementary schools and the two middle schools have space for Open Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year. However, space is limited and the District may not be able to accommodate all open enrollment requests. Should there be inadequate space at any school, the District will use a random, unbiased selection process for the space that is available.
    Open Enrollment is available only to residents within the school district.
    If you wish to enroll your child in a school other than your child’s assigned school of attendance, you must complete a “Parent Request for Intradistrict Attendance Transfer” form. This form may be obtained at the District Office, our District website (click below), or your child’s current school office, and should be completed and returned to your child’s school by Friday, February 1, 2019.
    Intradistrict transfer requests that are received after February 1, 2019, will be placed on a waiting list and will not be considered until late July when enrollment is more predictable and stable. They will only be approved on a space availability basis.
    We cannot guarantee open enrollment requests that are submitted after February 1, 2019.


    For Middle School 6th grade enrollment planning purposes, you must:

    1) Select a middle school that you would like your child to attend by Friday, February 1, 2019.

    2) Verify which middle school is assigned to your child’s residence/address. My School Locator

    3) If you choose a middle school other than the middle school assigned to your child’s residence address, you must complete an Intradistrict Attendance Permit form and return it to the District Office at 10293 Bloomfield St., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 c/o Human Resources by February 1, 2019.
    Please note that Intradistrict Attendance Permit Forms received after this date will be held until late July to see if space is available at the requested school.  Historically, most late requests could not be accommodated because space was not available at the requested school. We are not able to guarantee open enrollment requests that are submitted after February 1, 2019. 

    Questions concerning the Open Enrollment Policy may be directed to our District Office at (562) 799-4700, ext. 80411