Central Park, Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York City 


    Seventh Grade Science Teacher


    Explaining phenomna through Science and Engineering Practices.



    Tour Director for the Eighth Grade Washington D.C. / New York Trip


    Contact Me
    The best way to contact me is through email.
    Phone: ( 562)799-4740 ex 76276
    Email: rmain@losal.org

    Running Club Tuesday after school by Boys locker room.

    Period 1 - 7th Science Google e2vx67r
    Period 2 - 7th Science              dtx7zc2
    Period 3 - 7th Science              avupiug
    Period 4 - 7th Science              7l6b8u  lower case L
    Period 5 - 7th Science              hive2g
    Period 6 - Conference
    Period 7 - 7th Science              otduui