• Mr. Schizzle!
    Sixth Grade
    Introduction to Computer Science, 3D Design, Engineering, and Robotics
    Seventh and Eighth Grade

    Computer Science, 3D Design, Engineering, and Robotics



    Dear Students and Parents:

                Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering at Oak Middle School! We look forward to a very exciting and productive year. Our goal is to encourage students to become lifetime learners, risk takers in a safe classroom, be enthusiastic consumers and creators of knowledge, have a passion for invention, a commitment to personal excellence, a strong belief in one’s abilities, embrace mistakes and feedback as learning opportunities, and be persistent with setting goals and long-term thinking. I am pleased to have the time to work with each of you through our learning journey. This is an opportunity for us to learn together and encourage each other along the way. The contents of this handout will provide you with valuable information about the Computer Science and Engineering elective.

                Our class implements the strategy of Design Thinking and encompasses the disciplines of Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM Academy). 
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    STREAM Academy      Design Thinking for STREAM Academy
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    Currently all of my classes meet  in the room 13 STREAM Academy Lab.  Here are the best ways and times to contact me.  Email usually works best:
          (562) 799-4740  ext. 76213

    Conference & Preparation Period: 
          Period 6 - 1:25-2:10



      Monday, December 10, 2018

    Period 1: 8:40-9:25     Computer Science

    Period 2: 9:30-10:20   Computer Science
    Period 3: 10:25-11:10  Computer Science
    Period 4: 11:15-12:00  Computer Science


    LUNCH: 12:00-12:30

          (6th Grade only)


    Period 5: 12:35-1:20   Intro to Computer Science
    Period 6: 1:25-2:10     Preparation Period
    Period 7: 2:15-3:00     Computer Science