Spanish 1

    2018-2019 GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: kf00el


    Please go to the link in the menu at left to access the daily HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS.  There may be some changes to the homework assignments as I see needed.  The homework board in the classroom will always be up to date, therefore, your child's Minder Binder should be accurate. I require my students to record all homework, for the week, in their Minder Binder each Monday.


    Late work will not be accepted unless the student has been absent. 

    Grades are available online:


    Progress Report dates will be in: September, November, February, & April. 

    Progress Reports will be emailed for students earning a grade of C or lower.

    Parent Conferences will be held in October and March; exact dates are listed in the student Minder Binder.



    Spanish 1 will require effort and responsibility on the student’s part.

    Expect 10-20 minutes of homework, per night (M-Th); there is generally no homework on the weekend.


    8th Grade students should end the school year with a grade of C or better in order to take Spanish II at Los Alamitos High School. 

    A grade of B+ or higher is required for Spanish II Honors.  Spanish II Honors leads to AP Spanish, a course that looks good for college admissions.

    This course will count toward the high school foreign language requirement (if completed with a grade of C or better). 


    7th grade students should end the year with a grade of B or higher, as they are expected to move on to Spanish II Honors.


    Spanish textbook website for practice activities & review:

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