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    Computers & Engineering - 7th & 8th Grade
    Yearbook - 7th & 8th Grade
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    Computers & Engineering PowerPoint - a glimpse into what we do in class Computers & Engineering 2017-18
    Study Hall: Monday 3:15-3:55 PM and Wednesday 8:15-8:40 AM or as arranged. If I'm in class, you are welcome to come in and get work done. 
    Recommended Supply List-
    Donations Needed (& Appreciated):
    Tissue Boxes
    Disinfecting Wipes
    Paper Towels
    Printer Paper 
    Daily re-caps are posted to Google Classroom
    Please use this link to log-in to our online grade book - http://parent.losal.org. Log-in info will be given out in the core classes. If you're a returning student, your log-in info is the same.
    Contact me via email at dmcgovney@losal.org or by phone at 717.816.3320 x77238

    Period 1 - Computers &Engineering
    Period 2 - Computers & Engineering
    Period 3 -Yearbook
    Period 4 - Computers & Engineering
    Period 5 - Computers & Engineering
    Period 6 - Conference
    Period 7 - Computers & Engineering