Vocal Music
    Shannon Wallace
    0 Period          Sound Check
    1 Period          Music Wheel
    2 Period          Sound Waves
    3 Period          Studio Singers
    4 Period          Soul Men
    5 Period          Sixth Sense
    6 Period          Conference
    7 Period          Conference 
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    Welcome to Choir and General Music class.  Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions. shwallace@losal.org or ext. 77274.

    Hello choir families,
    Please go to mcauliffechoir.com and register your family.  Be sure to go through the Choir Handbook and the permission slip and submit both.  
    Here are the Google Classroom codes for the students.
    Sixth Sense....b6k2tn
    Soul Men...gfa6gs
    Sound Waves...urbxjtp
    Studio Singers...tkqqf84
    Sound Check...7wltwrg