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    6th Grade
    Room 82
    Reading and Language Arts
    Social Studies 

    Welcome to 2017-2018 at McAuliffe Middle School


    Sixth Grade Core/History 

    Announcements:  State testing starts Monday, April 30th.  Please be sure your child eats a good breakfast, brings a snack to school, and gets plenty of rest.  THANK YOU!  Students will have NO homework from core or history classes next week.

    Reading Plus:  Reading Plus is a web based reading program where students select an article based on their individual interest and take a test.  This program will be utilized weekly to improve reading comprehension, track reading rate, and help develop reading skills.  Expectations will change as we make progress.  

    History Focus: Chapter 7, India
    Core: Focus:  The Giver, Pronouns, Narrative Writing
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    Each student is expected to have a silent reading book.  The book must be minimum 100 pages with a 4.0 Book Level.  Please see bookfinder to verify the book level.  
    GRAMMAR (small blue) book must be covered at all times.  
     Absences:  Please remind your child to check with a study buddy when he or she is absent.  Please also remind your child to see me Wednesday morning to take a quiz/test that was missed.  If Wednesday does not work, please have your child set up a different time.  It is their responsibility to take care of their own make up work.  Thank you!
    A couple reminders…..(This will be discussed the first couple weeks of school.)
    1.  If they have locker problems, they must always see me BEFORE the bell rings.  
    2.  If there are any other passing period issues, like bathrooms that are closed, they see me first to communicate where they will be when the bell rings.
    3.  History book remains at home all year.
    4.  Grammar Textbook remains at school unless they need it for studying for a test, but notes should be fine.
    5.  Wordskills Textbook is needed every Monday in class.
     Core Supplies 2017-2018
    Needed Supplies: (Please let me know if you are unable to obtain needed supplies.)

    *1 - Composition Book (college rule) (We might need one more later in the year, but I will give you ample time to get one at a later time if necessary.)
    *Loose leaf paper (college rule) - The must always have loose paper in their binder.
    *Pencils - Please have more than one at all times. (Mechanical pencils are fine.)
    *Pens - red, blue AND black - Please have more than one of each.
    *Glue - Glue Stick or Liquid Glue - Student choice.
    *Binder with dividers (Language Arts and Reading) to hold planner (minder binder), returned papers, and homework folders (Binders that zip closed can be helpful, however they do not hold up for the entire school year for some students.)
    *2 Two Pocket Folders - One folder will be placed in the binder for core homework (with 3 holes to fit in binder); The other folder will be left in the classroom for novel units.
    *Colored Pencils

    *Pencil Bag

    *Pencil Sharpener with a lid - If pencils are not mechanical.



    *Ear Buds - Inexpensive - Ear buds will be used with the chrome books throughout the year, specifically during testing. Students can put the ear buds in a zip lock bag with their name and I will store for each student if they would like. Otherwise, each student can store in their locker. These can be purchased at a later time if necessary.
    *BYOD - Students will be able to use the class set of chromebooks currently in my classroom. If you have not purchased a chromebook or laptop, do not worry. I will discuss this at Back-to-School Night.
    *Silent Reading Book - Please use the link, BOOKFINDER, to verify that your chapter book is 4.0 book level. It must be middle grades or higher. It also must contain 100 pages or more. It can be fiction or nonfiction.
    *Computer Mouse (optional - to be used with chrome books if students do not like the track pad) This can be purchased later if your child does not like the track pad.
    *Mini Stapler (optional)

    History Supplies 2017-2018
    Needed Supplies: (Please let me know if you are unable to obtain needed supplies.) 
    *Loose leaf paper (college rule)
    *Red, blue, & black pens - Please have more than one of each.
    *Colored pens (optional - Some students like using multiple colors for notes.)
    *Pencils (Mechanical pencils are fine. Please have more than one at all times.)
    *Pencil sharpener with a lid - If a student is not using mechanical pencils.
    *Index Cards 4x6
    *ONE subject notebook with PERFORATED pages.
    *Folder for history homework (with three holes to fit in binder - This folder can be added to your binder for your core class. This way you can bring the binder for all three classes, which will contain your supplies.)


    Classroom Donations are welcomed:
    *Colored 8 1/2 by 11 copy paper
    *Hand Sanitizers
    *Clorox Wipes
    *Post-it Notes
    *Paper Towels
    If your child is absent, please check the website for homework and an absent report will be posted each day.  Your child is responsible for printing the absent reports through my website.  When your child is out for FOUR days consecutively or more, then you may request the homework and class work from the attendance office.  It is their responsibility to make up tests, class work, and homework.
    Any test, quiz or class work assignment can be made up any Wednesday morning from 8:15-8:45. 
    Study Hall and Detentions:   There are no late buses.  All school detentions is from 3:15 to 3:55 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The sixth grade core study hall/detention is held from 8:15-8:45 on Wednesday mornings in my classroom.  I will also have a study hall from 8:15-8:45 every Wednesday morning where students can work on homework, study for a test, make up a test or quiz or read quietly.
    Select the homework link according to the subject in which your child is in my class.  Please use my website for upcoming assignments and due dates. Please note that homework assignments may change throughout the week depending on the progress of the class, so check their minder binders for any clarification.
    Gradebook Program parent.losal.org. Please check your child's grades. 
    Contact Me
    Please feel free to email me with any concerns and I will respond as soon as I can.  Thank you!

    Phone: (714) 816-3320 x77282 
    Email: solmstead@losal.org


    Period 1 -Reading
    Period 2 - Language Arts
    Period 3 - Social Science (History)