• Rossmoor’s House System

    This is our second year launching our House System for Knights!  August 23rd was an exciting day as all our new Knights were sorted into one of our fearless four Knight’s Houses:  House of Galahad (courage), House of Gawain (loyal), House of Lancelot (integrity), House Percival (resilent).

    Our Knights meet each month in a HOUSE MEETING where they are able to meet BIG and LITTLE Buddies that are in their same houses.  They created a learned a House Cheer that their house uses when we gather together.  The house system is a fantastic way for us to build school culture while supporting Knight PRIDE across campus. 


    Our school community works together to create ways to motivate students in achieving within the Four A’s: Academics, Athletics, Activities, and the Arts both inside and outside the classroom.  This is done through fun and exciting monthly house competitions.  Thus affording opportunities to create smaller communities within our larger school community. 

    Our staff award students with Noble Knights is they go above and beyond to show Knight PRIDE! Students can donate those Noble Knights to go towards house points as we are always engaged in friendly competition to see which house can show the most Knight PRIDE at school.  Our House System has allowed us to create a sense of community and camaraderie while building strong relationships across all stakeholders on campus. 

    House Flags