Third Grade
    Room 9

    Welcome to Room 9, third grade! We are enjoying our journey of learning and making new friends this year.

    Homework is assigned (in a packet form) on Fridays, and is due the next Friday. Weekly homework includes Language Strands (with an additional spelling activity), cursive and math pages that will be torn from the math books sent home.  Long term assignments may include relevant projects in either our Social Studies or Science.
    Although most of our math instruction is focused on CGI and the Expressions curriculum, each Wednesday we will devote towards Multiplication. Your students will have a multiplication facts quick quiz on those days, until they have automaticity in their facts. 
    I will be needing help and donations for our upcoming Native American Day in November. Stay posted...
    REFLECTIONS PROGRAM: an art recognition program with this year's theme as "My story is…." If your child chooses to submit an entry, they will earn a HOMEWORK PASS! Information is online: www/capta.org. Entries due by October 7.
    Contact Me
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:

    Phone: ( 562) 799-4520 ext 75109
    Email: khamid@losal.org