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    The Los Alamitos Unified School District was in the Orange County Register on March 2, 2012.  LAUSD elementary schools rank #1 in the O.C.  Check out the pictures in the article featuring students and teachers at LAE! 

    Cody Tran at LAE Class Act

    Cody Tran at LAE Class Act.  OC Register photo.


    Check out the Halloween visit from the KIA Hamsters at LAE!



    MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2011

    View LAE's Red Ribbon kick-off on Fox 11's Mid Morning Buzz with Rick Dickert.  (Please note that the first minute of video is from 2010 and the 2011 coverage starts at the 1:00 minute mark).




    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

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    Printed in the News Enterprise (see article to follow)

    Marcus Linture and John Kim
    Marcus Linture and John Kim smile at audience during LAE achievement celebration, September 16, 2011.
    Los Alamitos Elementary (LAE) Scholars Declare LAE a Bucket-Filling School


    Student scholars at Los Alamitos Elementary School (LAE) celebrated another year of academic achievement by recognizing individual scholars and declaring LAE a bucket-filling school.  Uplifted and inspired by each other, LAE’s scholars not only increased the school’s Academic Performance Index to 918 but also launched a school-wide movement to fill each other’s invisible buckets with positive comments and interactions intended to send the message that everyone matters and is meaningful.  The campus challenge is to see how many buckets each person can fill in a day.  “Be a Bucket Filler” and “Be a Scholar” are LAE’s two major themes for the year.


    Dr. Okino, Principal, invited student scholars on Friday, September 16 to fill their own and each other’s buckets by praising their peers for their achievements.  In addition, she asked students to set their own scholarly goals and to help each other pursue them.  This year, the school recognized 37 scholars for scoring a perfect score on their California Standards Test.  Both Marcus Linture (grade 3) and John Kim (grade 5) received special recognition for achieving a perfect 600 on both the English/Language Arts and Math tests.  Twenty-nine scholars were also recognized for improving their score by 100 points or more, and 52 scholars were recognized for improving their score by 50 points or more.  Some scholars received double awards as they climbed over 100 points to reach a perfect score or improved their scores in more than one area by more than 50 points.  An additional 48 sixth grade scholars received notes from Dr. Okino for their achievements while still at LAE. 


    The scholars recognized for achieving a perfect 600 points on their Math test are:  Kaelani Artuz, Randy Chin, Irene Choi, David Choung, Rebekah Cogdill, Sarah Cogdill, Nate Dodd, Elise Durets, Camden Earles, Tanner Ferguson, Aldo Flores, Fernanda Flores, Allen Han, Min Je Ju, Hannah Kim, John Kim, Anna Lee, Sean Lee, Ted Lee, Angela Lewis, Marcus Linture, Kristin Marsh, Derek Najera, Manuel Navarro, Joseph Oh, Kanta Okuwa, Terry Park, Angel Peraza, Blake Ravelo, Hailey Redmond, Alyssa Redrup, Joyce Ro, Leilani SanchezPalma, Kaylee Serb, Taylor Squires, Justin Vierregger, and Jacob Young.  Scholars receiving 600 points on their English/Language Arts test are: John Kim, Marcus Linture and Alyssa Redrup.


    The following scholars also received recognition for increasing their scores by 100 points or more in Math and/or English/Language Arts: Kaelani Artuz, Aliya Belarde, Dylan Campbell, Randy Chin, Matthew Choi, Tanner Ferguson, Aldo Flores, Fernanda Flores, Devyn Garcia, McKenna Gonzalez, Melanie Goska, Rachel Kammer, Hannah Kim, Sean Lee, Angela Lewis, Anthony Lira, Cody Listerman, Isaiah Lizardi, Vincent Moreno, Manuel Navarro, Blake Ravelo, Hailey Redmond, Alyssa Redrup, Robert Reyes, Joyce Ro, and Jake Runnels.


    Scholars who improved their scores by 50 points or more in Math and/or English/Language Arts are: Yvette Acevedo, Megan Acosta, Kaelani Artuz, Thomas Auld, Daniel Barker, Diego Barrera, Lea Booth, Dylan Campbell, Chris Choi, David Choung, Rebekah Cogdill, Danyelle BurkeNorth, Dylan Campbell, Isabella Drudge, Rena Elhessen, Britney Ferguson, Tanner Ferguson, Samantha Fernandez, Hannah Foley, Sydney Given, Joshua Hall, Allen Han, Hannah Kim, John Kim, Sara Lafata, Ted Lee,  Isaiah Lizardi, Andrew Maravilla, Kristin Marsh, Gillian Martinez, Kyra Meredith, Deborah Min, Brook Mullen, Derek Najera, Mikayla Pazdernik, Mikayla Petullo, Michelle Ramirez, Joshua Renner, Leilani SanchezPalma, Andrea Saracco, Meritte Shehata, Allison Stevens, Honain Syed, Ryane Torres, Taytum Sturges, Justin Vierreger.