• Lee Lunch Program

    Students may bring their lunches from home or buy them at school. Students may not go home for lunch unless the parent signs them out at the main office.

    Parents are encouraged to purchase school lunches in advance for their children. Make the checks payable to the Los Alamitos Unified School District for either ten or twenty lunches. The cost for each lunch is $3.25. Checks should be turned in to the designated container in the school office. Please write a separate check for each child if you have more than one child at Lee. Write the name of the student on the memo portion of the check.  Parents can also pay for student lunches online using the link below. Families may apply for assistance through the office.

    SODA AND CANDY ARE NOT PERMITTED IN LUNCHES BROUGHT FROM HOME. PLEASE DO NOT bring fast food lunches. If students forget their lunch or run out of lunch credits they will be given a cheese sandwich and milk free of charge.   Money is not lent to students who have forgotten their lunches.

    LUNCH = $3.25
    ORANGE JUICE = $0.50

    MILK = $0.60

    SNACKS = $0.25 - $0.75
    Students may bring a snack to have during the morning recess. Snacks should be nutritious and are encouraged for younger children. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CANDY OR SODA FOR SNACKS OR LUNCH.