Welcome to Kindergarten!

    It's time for Kindergarten!  It's a big step in life.  Did you know that the word kindergarten is German for children's garden?  Here at Lee, kinder is a place for making friends, singing, playing, figuring out how school works and discovering the world of academic learning.  It is your child's first year of formal education. In Kinder  we learn a lot about books: how to read them, write them and most importantly, think and talk about them.  We discover math concepts, including lots of counting, problem solving and more talking about how we figured things out. We learn about, and with, technology every day.  We work on being kids of character as we learn about our communities and how to get along in the classroom and the world.  Check out our weekly newsletters to see what has been happening this week in our classroom!

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    Some of you maybe wondering about SCHOOL SUPPLIES.   You can view each grade level's supply list on this site under RESOURCES.  Click school forms and you will see supply lists.  

    Don't forget to send an EARTHQUAKE KIT to school for your child!  Please do not  neglect this important item!

    Contact Me

    mrs. T I'm always glad to speak with you! Don't hesitate to get in touch.  Email is probably the best way to contact     me. However, you can also send a note to school with your child.  The children put notes from home in the "important papers" box and I usually check it after school.  If it's urgent, ask your child to have me read it right away!  You can also call and leave a message at the school number listed below.  I get all voice messages on my computer.  Feel free to contact me anytime:

    Phone: (562)799-4540 ex 73103
    Email: glems-tardif@losal.org
           or gina31337@hotmail.com 
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