Third Grade
    Room 14
    The Stars in Studio 14 are blooming in September!

    You should be proud of the work and effort your child has put forth so far this year.  We are well into Reading Workshop. The students are doing an excellent job selecting and recommending "just right" books to read.  Some popular titles, authors, and series are Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne, Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, the Who Was Biography series by various authors, and Ready Freddy series by Abby Klein,  to name a few.  We are working on reacting to our books as we read.  We JOT (just one or two) words when we react so we can discuss the story with evidence that shows our thinking. Online tests are available at school through Accelerated Reader linked through our Lee Media Center website.  We are about to follow Little Willy, the main character in Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, to learn that characters reveal themselves by their feelings, actions, conversations, and internal dialogue.  Reading mini-lessons will continue to focus on following the character into meaning in the stories we read.  I hope your child is falling in love with reading.  Please make sure your child is logging in their nightly home reading, too.  The goal of 20 nights or more is required to qualify for our Reading Incentive drawing each month.  The winner picks out a book from our Media Center for Mrs. Laughlin to read to our class. 
    Writer's Workshop has focused on Personal Narratives.  Our stories zoom in to the important part of the story, included one or more simile and had a strong beginning, middle, and end.  Mini lessons on deck are beginning with a strong lead, telling the story bit by bit using transition words, use of descriptive language, and showing, not telling. Revising, editing, and publishing will happen by the end of October. Studio 14 will be celebrating our stories by reading each other's over a cup of hot chocolate.  Then the stories will be displayed on our writing wall.
    Mathematics has focused on reviewing addition and subtraction strategies with larger numbers including regrouping, rounding, and math strand concepts. Multiplication concepts will begin in October.  Basic facts practice for addition and subtraction is underway and multiplication facts will follow in late October.  Please make sure your child is mastering these important building blocks.  CGI is allowing us to approach the concepts from many viewpoints.  The students are excellent teachers!  JiJi progress has been strong overall. You may access the program through our Lee webpage www.leelab4kids.com
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