• leo
    5th Grade
    Room 15
    Tiki Head Paradise Academy
    Mrs. Avery - Queen Tiki
    Mr. Connor - Coconut Connor
    This is going to be a great year!  Our society has been named Tiki Head Paradise Academy and is filled with a classroom of Keiki's known as Bahama Beauties (girls) and Flame Throwers (boys).  Our society cash is known as "Tiki Moulah." 
    We have established four houses with student selected "prefects"
    Green House - Super Centars - Prefect:  Matthew
    Yellow House - The House That Shall Not Be Named - Prefect:  Sarah
    Blue House - Wise Owls - Prefect:  Angie
    Red House:  Red Winged Phoenix - Prefect:  Bryn
    Weekly Events: 
    Every Monday - 5th Grade will wear 5th Grade T-shirt
    Every Tuesday - Media Center Rotation (1:45 pm - 2:30 pm)
    Every Wednesday - Early Dismissal @ 1:30 pm
    Every Thursday - Music Rotation (11:30 am - 12:15 pm)
    Every Friday - Lee Spirit Day - Wear Lee T-shirt
    Feel free to contact me:
    Here are the best ways and times to contact me:
    after school:  2:30 - 4:00
    before school:  7:15 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.