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    Room 20 News

    September 2016


    Your students still need your help on studying at home for ALL of the tests they will be experiencing this year.  In class we begin and discuss ways to study, sharing what works to help each other.  I provide some study time in class but not enough to be successful as I need to move on due to our impacted curriculum.  We also work on "backward planning" this is when a study/work schedule is mapped out from the end/due date of an assignment. This may be helpful for you as well; ask your child to share their schedule with you.  You may find that by using this schedule, disagreement and confusion is minimized.

    Please check Google Classroom for daily posting of homework, classroom.google.com classroom code "ccncxc" , Surf City. The is usually posted each morning, however as the day progresses the assignments may be modified as needed. Therefore, please recheck in the afternoon. 

    The calendar is also located on our google classroom page under the "about" section which also has links for textbooks and our grade book Illuminated. It is usually updated monthly as long term projects and activities are scheduled. I have posted the main holidays and minimum days for you to schedule day care for your child.



    We are very fortunate that the district purchased a class set of tablets for us to use.  The students will also have access to Microsoft One Note, Word, Excel, and Power Point via their own One Drive account.  The plan is to utilize this tool both at school and home.  More information will be given at Back to School Night; please don't miss it.

    Academically our plan is to continue the growth and the teachers have been busy over the summer reading, meeting, and strategizing.  MIND has a new format and iPad app that supports math education.  All the JiJi categories will be available at home within the next few weeks; your child knows how to access his/her account.  This is a great math practice because fact fluency is also part of the program.  We will be implementing Readers and Writers Workshop theories and models to continue the ELA growth.


    Use the Illuminated Home Connection link on google classroom to view your child's grades.  Use your child's login located on the list of logins given at Back to School Night. It is critical that you have access to this site. All grades are posted weekly and you can see what your child is missing as well as what his/her grade is at any time during the year.


    USUAL DAILY SCHEDULE - Music/Media Center Wednesday 11:05am - 1:30pm

    8:05 – 8:20 Flag/Attendance

    8:20 – 9:55 Math

    09:55 – 10:10 Recess

    10:10 – 11:10 Science/Social Studies 

    11:10 – 12:15 Writing

    12:15 – 01:00 Lunch

    01:00 – 2:20 Reading  

    2:20 – 2:30 Clean up/Dismissal



    Language Arts:

    We will begin the year focusing on reading expository nonfiction in the areas of author’s purpose, details, contextual clues, text structure, and language of the discipline. In writing we will be learning the structure of a writer’s workshop reviewing singe and multi-paragraph essays. Standards in grammar and conventions will also be reviewed.



    Fifth grade standards are heavy into fractions. Therefore, mastery of multiplication facts to 12 is crucial!
    Our first chapter reviews simple fractions as well as multiplication/division.  Hopefully, the facts have not been lost to "Summeritis".
    MIND/JiJi can be accessed from home for nightly practice of fluency facts or to keep up with expected progression.

    Social Studies:

    We will begin the year reviewing Geography, Native Americans, Colonization, and finish the year with American Revolution and the beginning of our nation.



    We will begin the year with Physical Science: Chemistry then move to Earth Science and finish the year with Life Science



    Every Friday the entire 5th grade will have physical education together.  Every Tuesday morning we will be conditioning for the Presidential Physical Fitness testing. Please wear appropriate clothing to exercise these days.


    Music/Media Center:

    Our time with Mrs. McElderry and Mrs. Chambers/Mrs. Zasadny will be Wednesdays from 11:05-1:30 am. Please remember to bring your music supplies every Wednesday!

    Remember, if at any time you need to contact please email bschumacher@losal.org as I try to check each day by lunch. If it is an emergency then call the school 562-799-4540 ext. 73120 and leave a voice message or you can send a note with your child.

    Mrs. Schumacher