Enrollment Requirements/Enroll New Student


In addition to providing an official Photo Identification for the enrolling parent/legal guardian and documentation confirming parental rights or custody, the following items must be provided for the student's enrollment:
A)  Age Verification (Birth Certificate, Birth Record, Passport, Baptism Certificate, Parent/Guardian Affidavit)
B)  Up-to-Date Immunizations (or copy of most recent immunizations)

C)  Two forms of Verification of Proof of Residency or an approved interdistrict permit.
      The only documents that will be accepted as proof of residency include:

      1.  Mortgage statement with name and address
      2.  Title/deed to your home
      3.  Escrow papers (opening/closing)
      4.  Tax receipt (property tax)
      5.  Current rental agreement naming tenants and occupants
      6.  Current utility service contract, statement, or payment receipt (electric or gas, dated within the last 90                days)

 We will also accept one of the following documents in lieu of one item from 1-6
      7.  Current correspondence from a government agency
      8.  Current payroll stub
      All items must include parent/guardian name and address. 
D)  Unofficial Transcript (High School) and/or Most Recent Report Card

E)  Verification of Meeting all Health Requirements
For complete information on student enrollment, please contact the school closest to your home. You may also contact the District Office Human Resources Department at 562-799-4700 ext. 80411 or send an email to Lisa Wallace at lwallace@losal.org.  The Los Alamitos Unified School District serves students residing in Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Rossmoor, Surfside, and small portions of Long Beach and Cypress. To identify your home school, please click on the My School Locator link.

In addition to completing the online enrollment process, please also download, print and complete the following forms as they apply:

(Students with special diets requiring accommodations in the cafeteria due to a disability or medical condition are required to submit a Medical Statement. Please click here to download the Special Meal Request Form. For additional information regarding the Special Meals Request form, please call (562) 799-4592 x81118.) 

You are strongly encouraged to have all the required documents ready to upload prior to beginning the enrollment process.
Please Note: Your child is not enrolled unless you have been contacted by the School Office Coordinator confirming that all required documents have been successfully submitted.

To begin the online process of enrolling a new student, please click the New Student Enrollment Link.