District Priority Goals

2019-2020 District Priority Goals

1.   Passionately pursue academic excellence from all students.

1.1   Focus on the implementation of exemplary instruction by enhancing collaboration, rigor, multiple perspectives, professional development, and signature practices.

1.2   Use assessment results to improve instruction, multi-tiered interventions, and enrichments.

1.3   Ensure every student is connected to school through academics, athletics, activities, and the arts.

1.4   Ensure all students have unparalleled preparation for College and Career Success:

  • Every student meets or exceeds grade-level/content standards on state assessments.

  • Every student completes CSU/UC a-g college entrance requirements.

  • Every student completes Algebra II.

  • Every student completes either an Advanced Placement, Career Technical Education and/or a Dual-Enrollment course in high school.

  • Every student takes the PSAT and SAT.

  • Every student develops foundational skills in technology and STEM.

2.   Ensure an inclusive, safe, healthy, secure, and substance-free environment.

2.1   Enhance Mental Health Services to support student wellness.

2.2   Engage stakeholders and taskforce groups to implement robust programs that focus on:

  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health

  • Human Relations

  • Positive Digital Citizenship Practices

  • Violence, Bullying, Vaping and Substance Abuse Prevention and Response

  • Student and staff training on mental health awareness, emergency preparedness and crisis response

2.3   Foster strong relationships with local law enforcement to collaborate on threat mitigation, threat assessments, safe routes to schools, and to increase visibility on District campuses.

3.   Enhance communication processes to engage, inform, and educate all stakeholders.

3.1   Engage in, promote, and increase the number of employees trained in Interest-Based Bargaining as a practice and philosophy to enhance relationships and communication.

3.2   Effectively use communication processes to engage our families and all stakeholders:

  • Provide timely feedback and information regarding student performance.

  • Provide updates to the community about school and District news.

  • Provide communication opportunities to exchange ideas and information.

  • Provide executive summaries on Board Workshops during Board of Education meetings.

3.3   Serve and support all stakeholders by providing exceptional customer service.

3.4   Encourage attendance and participation at school, District, and community events.

4.   Provide high quality facilities to meet the educational needs of students.

4.1   Implement the District's Master Facility Plan through Measures G and K funding.

4.2   Continue facility and technology improvements to protect District assets, meet current educational demands, as well as maintain and update facilities.

4.3   Protect funding allocations for short and long-term deferred maintenance and capital facilities projects.

4.4   Engage our communities to enhance and improve partnerships, agreements, and communication.

5.   Manage and allocate financial resources to maximize students’ educational experiences.

5.1   Engage in strong fiscal practices and Interest-Based Bargaining to ensure long-term financial stability and protection of District assets.

5.2   Enhance partnerships with LAEF, PTAs, school non-profit and booster groups, businesses, alumni, and community partners to secure volunteers, grants, and donations that support exceptional experiences for all students.

Board Approved – August 13, 2019