Student Learning on a Laptop

Los Alamitos Unified School District is committed to assisting students to pursue academic excellence using 21st Century technology tools that prepare them for college and careers in today’s global economy. New technology continues to change our world and provide positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. One of our primary District technology goals is to ensure that each user's interactions with technology contribute positively to the learning environment. With this goal in mind, we are implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) within our District. In this initiative, students are encouraged to bring their own technology devices to school to assist their learning experience.

The BYOD program is in the process of being implemented by all Los Al schools. This program supports Project-Based-Learning opportunities across the curriculum and the State Standards in Technology encompassing collaboration, research and presentation skills. We continue to expand and grow our BYOD program each year. For information on which grades levels are currently BYOD at your student's school, please contact their teacher or the school's office.

What is Bring Your Own Device?

BYOD allows students and staff to bring and use their own technology during the day to enhance the learning experience. We expect all students and staff to be good digital citizens and support the District's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. While Chromebooks are the most common BYOD device, Windows laptops/tablets, Mac laptops, and iPads can be used if they meet the BYOD minimum requirements. The District's minimum requirements describe the technical needs of the device for connecting to and supporting school instructional material, which includes a physical keyboard and the ability to connect to our network. Security certificates are required when connecting to the network at every school site. Please click here to confirm a students device has the required security certificates. , Families can review the Acceptable Use of Technology & BYOD Agreement for more information, which is included as part of Aeries Online registration each year. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to review our page on Online & Digital Safety for resources and safety recommendations for protecting children while using their device at home.

Purchasing Suggestions:

Competitively priced Chromebooks and laptops are available through Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers. Below we have provided several reviews to support your selection. Please check with your school site to determine the recommended device for each grade level.