School Readiness Program

The Los Alamitos Child Development Center School Readiness Program was developed to provide families with support to ensure that their children from 0-5 years old are developing accordingly and ready for school. The School Readiness Program provides free developmental screenings, parent education workshops, literacy events, provider education, a weekly Learning Connection, parent and child interactive programs, and health support services. The team works collaboratively with both parents and professionals to provide an assembly of services that strengthen and enable families and early childcare providers to develop skills that build strong families with healthy children, who are learning and ready for school.

Our School Readiness Team is comprised of our Program Coordinator, Parent & Community Liaison, and School Readiness Nurse. If referral services are needed, our staff will help guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Our desire is to foster healthy children, early learning, strong families, and exceptional services. When early learning programs, teachers, and staff are ready to impart equal access and opportunities to all children and their families by acknowledging and supporting each child’s individual differences, they will be more prepared for learning.

The School Readiness Program is an initiative of First 5 Orange County Children and Families Commission and is guided by The Early Childhood Leadership Team (ELCT).

The Los Alamitos Child Development Center Early Childhood Leadership Team (ECLT)
Jean-Mari Dagarin- CDC Coordinator
Kandis Aceves- Early Learning Specialist and School Readiness Community Liaison 
Julie McMahon- Program and School Readiness Nurse
Tina Lopez- Instruction Assistant CDC
Cindy Johns- Lead Teacher CDC
Stephanie Dunn- Lead Teacher/Special Ed CDC
Kristy Grosfeld- Lead Teacher/Inclusion Teacher CDC
Melissa Davis- Los Alamitos Unified School District Director of Assessment & Accountability
Amy Coltey-  Principal at Rossmoor Elementary School
Yolanda Mortensen-  Parent Representative
Jerry Friedman-  Los Alamitos Unified School District Director of Safety & Student Services
Sheena Moore-  Program Specialist for the City of Los Alamitos Park and Recreation


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The School Readiness Program is partially funded by the First 5 Orange County Commission of Children and Families.
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