Gate Identification

Annually the Ed Services Department facilitates the GATE identification process in partnership with school sites.  If you are interested in learning more about the GATE screening and identification process, please review the parent presentation below.    

Universal Screening Parent Presentation

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Presentation Handouts (Single Forms)

Grade 3 Initial Screening Form
Grades 4-5 Initial Screening Form
Grades 3-5 Multiple Measures Form

Categories of Identification

The state requires that districts choose one or more identification categories from the six described in AB 2313.  The Los Alamitos Unified School District identifies gifted students in three categories:

1. General Intellectual Ability - defined as demonstrated or potential intellectual development exemplified by products or behaviors that exhibit excellence or acceleration in relation to chronological peers.

2. High Achievement - defined as students who score at a superior academic level in two or more areas on a standardized achievement test.

3. Specific Academic Ability - defined as those who consistently function at an advanced academic level in one particular subject area.

Process of Screening/Identification

The Los Alamitos Unified School District Screening forms are used when considering third through seventh grade students for screening and identification. The screening forms assist school personnel and parents in focusing on the specific state criteria used to establish identification.  Additionally, these forms ensure that the identification procedure is comprehensive and equitable for all students.   Before completing the forms, teachers are trained at the school site as to their use. 

As the beginning step in the formal screening and identification process, the completed forms and screening information are annually reviewed by the Director of Assessment & Accountability.  The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is scheduled at each school site within the months of January and February.   When the OLSAT results are returned, the GATE Identification Committee meets to review all student data.  The committee discusses supportive evidence, such as written examples of the student's work, achievement records, and standardized achievement scores.  If the results of private testing are available, these will be considered as a piece of evidence, not as automatic identification.  The identification is based on the rubric from TIER I or TIER II screening results.  For access to all rubrics and more information on the TIER screening protocol please access the Universal Screening Presentation.  

Screening of Third Through Seventh Grade Students

The annual screening window for the GATE Identification is January - February.  

All students in the third grade are screened, with parental consent, for the GATE identification as part of the district's universal screening program.

Students in grades four through seven are also screened within the window by teacher or parental request. 

GATE Screening Dates

The GATE screening window in LAUSD is during January - May. All K-8 sites will administer the OLSAT in January. For further information contact Melissa Davis, Director of Assessment & Accountability, (562) 799-4700 ext. 80462,