North Orange County Regional Occupational Program
    Do you want to get on the job training? Are you looking to study a specific career pathway in high school? Not sure what you want to major in? Would you like to explore a new occupation? Are you interested in taking a hands on elective course? We are proud to offer the following NOCROP courses on Los Al’s campus: 
    Careers with Children: Preschool Lab—Are you patient, inventive, creative and organized? If so, then you are ready for this hands-on class. You will learn developmental stages of children in the preschool lab. You’ll apply teaching methods to help children love to learn in a happy, structured environment. This class prepares students for working with young children in preschool and home settings. Second year students may become eligible for articulation with local community colleges.
    Child Development—You’ll study children’s developmental stages from conception through early adolescence. You will focus on the emotional/psychological, cognitive and physical aspects of development, and on the influences of hereditary and environmental factors. This class articulates with local community colleges. Course meets the UC (g) requirement for admission.
    Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)—Whether you want to be a lifeguard, a firefighter, or a medical worker in any branch of medicine, this class will give you a great introduction. You will learn skills to assist Emergency Medical Services providers at the scene. You’ll study patient assessment, triage, first aid, emergency responsibilities, and ethical/legal issues and responsibilities. This class prepares you for the EMT class and advanced studies in the field. 
    Introduction to Fire Technology/Fire Technology 101—Physical fitness, self-discipline, and high ethical standards are among the qualities expected of the fire service. You’ll study typical fire service responses to hazardous materials and infectious disease emergencies. This class covers the reasons fires start, and the effects of heat and smoke on the body. Fire Technology 102 focuses on the identification and use of fire fighting equipment, methods, equipment and tactics to prevent, delay the spread of, and extinguish many types of fires. Ethics, legal issues, and fire service history are covered, as well as the hundreds of careers in the fire service. You’ll be prepared for further education in this field. Prerequisite: age 16 years or older. This class articulates with local community colleges. 
    Video Production I and II—In studio setting, you will learn to operate cameras, manipulate lighting, produce motion graphics, operate special effects equipment and edit digital video.  You'll learn on-location video recording skills, basic production and studio operations, including pre-production planning and set up.
    After School ROP Classes
    ROP career training is also offered off-campus, after school. Classes are offered in late afternoons, evenings and weekends to accommodate your school schedule.A scheduled of the after school classes can be found at: http://www.nocrop.us/Afterschool/default.html 
    You may be interested in the following nearby ROP classes:                                                                                                      Culinary Arts Institute/Chef and Baker 
    Dental Assistant 
    Financial Services/Banking 
    Medical Core 
    Nursing Assistant 
    Online Computer Graphics and Design 
    Pharmacy Technician 
    Retail/Merchandising Careers 
    Theme Park / Knott’s Berry Farm 
    How Do I Register?
    Students who choose to enroll in an on-campus ROP class which is offered during the regular school day should see their high school counselor.  For classes offered off campus or after school, students can enroll through Mrs. Riekenberg at any time. Feel free to come by the Career Center for questions regarding ROP courses. 
    Contact Info for NOCROP: (714) 502-5874 or go to www.nocrop.us